Friday, January 30, 2009

Save Your empty toilet paper or paper towel Rolls!!!

I would like to thank paperjewels for this wonderful idea! In This time we live were money is definitely tight, wouldn't we want to use things that are just laying around the house to make mini albums? Use your empty Toilet paper rolls or those that are afraid of germs you can cut paper towel rolls!!! Here is a video below!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Homemade Clip It Up

Here is my version of clip it up! To me the (real) clip it up was to expensive and it took up way to much desk space... so I looked at a few ideas online and came up with this. I just used a wooden dowel rod, screwed hooks into the bottom of one of my shelves. Then I added washers (that you buy at a hardware store, they make it more stable) Then I took a paper clip and seperated it, hooked one end to the washer, and another into mini clothes pins (bought at walmart in the craft dept) Didn't even spend $10 on this project and I love it! I used to have my stickers and some embellishments stored in drawers and I never used them... with being about to see what I have now I use them so much more!!! Enjoy!

Stickles Storage

I got this idea from ChickieShannon (Two peas in a bucket website) Thanks for allowing me to share this on my blog! I thought this was a great way to store stickles! She used a cookie sheet, added magnets to the bottom of the bottles and hung it under a shelf in her room!! GREAT IDEA!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Scrapbook Room

I thought I would share some pictures of my little piece of heaven! :) This is where most of our time as a family is spent! I love sharing and creating memories!

Vinyl Rain gutters turned into ribbon holders

My Cricut Expression Machine with it's cover I made for it!

Magizine Holder for all those great ideas!!!

Here is the other side of the room.. a large table for when friends come over the crop or for larger projects we work on. Also my ribbon storage, I used vinyl Rain gutters I purchased at lowes. Bought a 10ft piece and cut them into 4 section. Also bought the gutter ends so they don't fall off. I have tried many many ways to store my ribbons, and this has to my my favorite!!!!

This is a cube system we bought at target, it holds all our books.

My husbands corner :)

This is my scrapbook corner, this is where I spend most of my time!

My 12x12 paper storage. My husband made me these cubes, and I love them!

Another view of my corner

Another View of my corner!

Another View , I still need to make a curtain to hide the big speakers, just haven't had a chance to yet.... I do not like being able to see

And Another

Button Storage... no I don't have very many yet.. but thought I would share, I just used baby food jars and a spice rack thingy to place them on!
Glitter Storage... I found this shelf at a yard sale for hardly nothing... painted it white and now I use it for a few things!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to make word books with just computer and word program!

A few have asked me about directions to making a word book without a cricut or anything.. all that is needed is a computer and a word program. These are not my instuctions that I made, someone was kind enough to email them to me, I can not remember who it was or I would be giving her credit for this!! Enjoy! You can make the pages bigger below by clicking on them!