Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Scrapbook Room

I thought I would share some pictures of my little piece of heaven! :) This is where most of our time as a family is spent! I love sharing and creating memories!

Vinyl Rain gutters turned into ribbon holders

My Cricut Expression Machine with it's cover I made for it!

Magizine Holder for all those great ideas!!!

Here is the other side of the room.. a large table for when friends come over the crop or for larger projects we work on. Also my ribbon storage, I used vinyl Rain gutters I purchased at lowes. Bought a 10ft piece and cut them into 4 section. Also bought the gutter ends so they don't fall off. I have tried many many ways to store my ribbons, and this has to my my favorite!!!!

This is a cube system we bought at target, it holds all our books.

My husbands corner :)

This is my scrapbook corner, this is where I spend most of my time!

My 12x12 paper storage. My husband made me these cubes, and I love them!

Another view of my corner

Another View of my corner!

Another View , I still need to make a curtain to hide the big speakers, just haven't had a chance to yet.... I do not like being able to see them....lol

And Another

Button Storage... no I don't have very many yet.. but thought I would share, I just used baby food jars and a spice rack thingy to place them on!
Glitter Storage... I found this shelf at a yard sale for hardly nothing... painted it white and now I use it for a few things!!


Denise said...

AWOW! That is very nice! How kind to share it with your husband!!

p.s. I found your blog on 2peas!

Have a great day.

Jenniwren32 said...

I LOVE your scrap space! Enjoy!!!

Karen Lee said...

Awesome scrap space!!

Chelsey said...

I love love love your space! You have great storage ideas. Thanks for sharing this! WOW!

Dana said...

I had never thought to put the cricut UP and get storage below! What a fab idea! Love your room!