Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mothers Day Gift

I finally finished my mothers day album for my mom.... Our family is a very comical family... so some pictures you may think we are being stupid... well we are... We like to have a good time..We have so much fun when we all get together!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Making your own Word Book

I posted another video some time back about this same subject, but I ran across this video this morning and I LOVED IT! It helped me alot better to understand... So I thought I would share it with everyone!!! Enjoy!
Be sure to turn off the music player on the bottom before watching!

Altering Chipboard

Ran across this video of altering chipboard letters, thought it was a great idea and wanted to share!! Be sure to turn off the music player on the bottom before watching!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

National Scrapbook Day Giveaway

I just wanted everyone to know about this giveaway .... here is alink to the post about it.. It is a wonderful huge prize, so everyone come and register to win!!!!

Good luck everyone!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

You got caught! :)

Thought I would share this with ya'll.... I was working in the kitchen the other day and I thought my husband was being pretty quiet back here in the office/scrapbook room.... but finished up what I was working on ... then came in here to see that he made made this for me real fast. To thinkn that he took the time to cut and glue and everything was so precious to me!.. I thought it was so sweet! So needless to say I keep in it in my scrapbook area!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Save your Toliet Paper Roll

As most of you know I added a video I found on youtube awhile back about saving your Toilet paper roll.. well I found somemore ideas to use your rolls with... I want to give credit too Julie from paper jewels, this is her blog you might also enjoy! are a few photos of other ideas you can do.... Enjoy!

Paper, Paper, and more paper!

I have been trying something alittle different when coming to scrapbooking. Since I have the cricut E, I have been putting to use what I have. As we all know money is getting tighter and tighter everyday (maybe I am the only one it's happening to, who but my last album the only thing I used in the whole album was paper... no stickers no nothing... just paper... Sounds crazy? well it's not... It was my fav album I think I have made. I used paper to cut out my shapes and fonts and everything on the cricut and it was beautiful! So... I thought I would stock up on ALOT of paper while I had the extra cash :) and also since trying to save, I am not in love with paper packs.. i NEVER buy single sheets anymore.. My whole albums always have to match in some way (thats just me) so the paper packs make it great....
I purchased 830 sheets here......Sorry for the glare in the pictures, please forgive me.... ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother's Day Idea

Was looking online and came across this wonderful word album scrapbook... I thought it was a great gift to give for mothers day since it is just around the corner... thought I would share!
Here is a website it can be ordered at.... not sure if you can get it in stores, but you might!

Paper Dolls.....

I ran across this online and thought what neat idea....If you are into scrapbooking, your children can join right in on the fun... They can use scrapbook paper to make their own outfits with the templates that come with it... Thought I would share.... Here is also a website to order... they come in small kits or larger.....

Scrapbook I'm working on....

Just thought I would share a few Layouts that I finished up this weekend, the pictures I took of the layouts have really bad glares... sorry :( ... I am working on this album from when I flew out to see my sister and her family in Denver, CO several years ago.... Just getting started on it!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Paper scrap Storage

I have tried to deal with this and deal with this.... trying to find the best way to store paper scrap that is leftover from scrapbooking.... well after trying many things..... just throwing them into a drawer using other containers etc... I purchased ones of these accordion style things at walmart back in the scrapbook dept, this picture is not the exact one I have (the one pictures is by cropper hopper) but it is almost the same thing. I started using this last night and seperated my paper scraps by color and then put all the patterned ones together and so far so good.. at least I can really see what I have now, I am sure I will have to get something bigger later on, but this holds more than you think! because like most of you.. who can throw away the scraps?? they are great for little pieces you need! So just thought I would share!!! Hope everyone is having a blessed day! It is a beautiful one here.. enjoying the wonderful weather outside!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Praise God!!!

I just had to share what God did! We were gone home to IL this weekend to visit family for easter...We came back home on Monday night late.... Hubby checked the mail before heading inside... and I about passed out... He held up this piece of paper and said... this is really a check... and I said What?? and he said we just got a check from our home morgage people, saying we over paid this year $623.00.... I said... whatever, it's not a check.. and to my surprise it really was.. I about shouted through the house! God is awesome... If you stay faithful to Him, he will be faithful to you!!!! He knows exactly what his children need and when they need it! Thank you Jesus!!! (just had to share)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Where do I begin? We had a wonderful easter weekend.. We headed out friday to good ole IL!!!(My Home state, can you tell?) Spend the weekend with mom and dad, my brother, sister-in-law and all my beautiful neices... Friday we arrived very late since we decided to take a scenic route...LOL... guess I should've kept my fingers off the but we arrived safe... got up Saturday, went to get a new perm.. YAY!!... Then headed to the mall with family to get the girls pictures taken with Easter bunny and had a fun time in the arcade with them :) lets see.... what else... Sunday was a beautiful day, the Good Lord held the rain off most all day, the sun was shining and it was wonderful! We all headed to church with my brother and his wife.... then the church had a egg hunt for the children.. then back to my brothers for a wonderful lunch! We had a great time!!! It all ended monday afternoon when we headed back home! We arrived home safe last night and woke up to a wonderful day today!!! :) Here are a few pictures I will share!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!

My Beautiful neices

My crazy brother :)

me and my parents

My neices Erin on easter Sunday (I made her dress for her... the jacket doesn't really compliment it :) )

me and mark with our neices.... Ah my hair, I got a perm the day before and I could not wash it or anything for 48 hours.... what a wonderful hair day...LOL

My parents with their grandkids

Mark and my brother Micah hanging out... don't they look thrilled :)

Us dying Eggs.. I have never missed a year yet of dying eggs with my dad..... :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Tool

Just thought I would share this video with you.. I am sure alot of you have already seen this on, but I was very excited about it! Something that I would be interested in! But of course I won't buy anything unless I get it on sale or use a coupon from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.. so we will see when they start carrying it! Maybe they already do.. since I have been on a buying freeze, it's been awhile since I have been into a scrapbooking store! Enjoy!

Monday, April 6, 2009


What a day.... My husband is off on mondays and I usally have daycare kids, but today there was no kids.... We are able to just enjoy the day off together :) but this weather we are having I guess has put me under the weather... :( Good old cold! I guess that is what happens when it is 60-70 one day outside then back to 20's the next few and trying to snow... CRAZY!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! We will be heading out friday for the Easter weekend, will be back late late Monday night!! YAY!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh How he loves us

For those of you that know me.... I am a christian... and Jesus Christ means everything to me, I would not even want to try to make it through a day without Him..... I know I already blogged for today, but I had to come back and say something... I have been listening and listening to this song on and off for this past week and it overwhelms me. It says... How he loves us, oh how he loves us..... It's really made me stop and think.... If we really excepted Gods love in the way he would have us, I don't think we would be able to contain it... His love is overwhelming... there is so much love that he wants to give... This song just does something to me everytime I hear it.. I know he loves me... but if we REALLY would think about ALL His love he wants to give us... we wouldn't be able to handle it.... His loving is life changing, powerful, merciful, beautiful, kind and so true...... Just thought I would share it with everyone!!! Have a blessed day! Remember to pause player at the bottom before viewing!

Beautiful Day!

Today is a beautiful day! I got up this morning, opened up my windows and have been enjoying the wonderful breeze coming through the house! I thought about scrapbooking today, but I just have to many other things I needed to get done. Just finshed up the laundry and some cleaning and mopping.....and now I am going to make myself sit down and work on my songbook for church. I am trying to get alot of new praise and worship music added so we will be able to sing them, oh it takes sooooooooo much time :) but I'm not complaining! anywho.... Hubby is working, and I had 1 little boy today that I watched. I normally don't watch kids on saturdays (since that is my time) but today I helped his parents out... I know I know.. I'm so nice...LOL :) Hubby should be home soon and I believe he is going to mow the lawn, so maybe we will just grill out for supper tonight, I can hope!!! Just thought I would add something about the day... I normally just talk about scrapbooking but I haven't been doing any for alittle while... so here is what you get :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend!!