Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Today is a beautiful day! I got up this morning, opened up my windows and have been enjoying the wonderful breeze coming through the house! I thought about scrapbooking today, but I just have to many other things I needed to get done. Just finshed up the laundry and some cleaning and mopping.....and now I am going to make myself sit down and work on my songbook for church. I am trying to get alot of new praise and worship music added so we will be able to sing them, oh it takes sooooooooo much time :) but I'm not complaining! anywho.... Hubby is working, and I had 1 little boy today that I watched. I normally don't watch kids on saturdays (since that is my time) but today I helped his parents out... I know I know.. I'm so nice...LOL :) Hubby should be home soon and I believe he is going to mow the lawn, so maybe we will just grill out for supper tonight, I can hope!!! Just thought I would add something about the day... I normally just talk about scrapbooking but I haven't been doing any for alittle while... so here is what you get :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend!!

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Yarnmomma said...

Yea .. can't wait to hear some praise and worship songs.. The other night when you play I am Free... Oh girl it was awesome.. YOU are awesome.. Someday I would like you to give me lessons..


It's neat to read about your daily hustle n bustle..

See you in the morning.!!