Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh How he loves us

For those of you that know me.... I am a christian... and Jesus Christ means everything to me, I would not even want to try to make it through a day without Him..... I know I already blogged for today, but I had to come back and say something... I have been listening and listening to this song on and off for this past week and it overwhelms me. It says... How he loves us, oh how he loves us..... It's really made me stop and think.... If we really excepted Gods love in the way he would have us, I don't think we would be able to contain it... His love is overwhelming... there is so much love that he wants to give... This song just does something to me everytime I hear it.. I know he loves me... but if we REALLY would think about ALL His love he wants to give us... we wouldn't be able to handle it.... His loving is life changing, powerful, merciful, beautiful, kind and so true...... Just thought I would share it with everyone!!! Have a blessed day! Remember to pause player at the bottom before viewing!

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