Friday, April 17, 2009

Paper scrap Storage

I have tried to deal with this and deal with this.... trying to find the best way to store paper scrap that is leftover from scrapbooking.... well after trying many things..... just throwing them into a drawer using other containers etc... I purchased ones of these accordion style things at walmart back in the scrapbook dept, this picture is not the exact one I have (the one pictures is by cropper hopper) but it is almost the same thing. I started using this last night and seperated my paper scraps by color and then put all the patterned ones together and so far so good.. at least I can really see what I have now, I am sure I will have to get something bigger later on, but this holds more than you think! because like most of you.. who can throw away the scraps?? they are great for little pieces you need! So just thought I would share!!! Hope everyone is having a blessed day! It is a beautiful one here.. enjoying the wonderful weather outside!!!

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debevans said...

I NEVER throw out any of my scraps so I know how ya feel...what to do with it all! I have been putting my scraps by color in big Hefty clear jumbo 2.5 gallon bags (that I seem to only find at Target)..and than I put all the bags in a cute storage book I found at Homegoods. IF you wanta see a picture just let me know...but it works for me!