Thursday, April 16, 2009

Praise God!!!

I just had to share what God did! We were gone home to IL this weekend to visit family for easter...We came back home on Monday night late.... Hubby checked the mail before heading inside... and I about passed out... He held up this piece of paper and said... this is really a check... and I said What?? and he said we just got a check from our home morgage people, saying we over paid this year $623.00.... I said... whatever, it's not a check.. and to my surprise it really was.. I about shouted through the house! God is awesome... If you stay faithful to Him, he will be faithful to you!!!! He knows exactly what his children need and when they need it! Thank you Jesus!!! (just had to share)

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Yarnmomma said...

How totally awesome is that!! It is amazing how he knows our needs and things happen just when you are starting to think things aren't going to...!!

Praise God to that!!