Friday, May 1, 2009

Updated Scrapbook Room Pictures


BeccaRoo said...

WOW it's VERY NICE!!! I like the cover for your Cricut.

matts_mom_shari said...

Love your scrap space!!! :)
must be so fun hanging out together with your hubby! :)
tfs, shari :)

Chelsey said...

love your space!

BoxerBrats said...

I love your space! I am trying so hard right now to win an EZ View ScrapDesk from Scrapbox. Would you mind taking a look at my entry #267 and dropping me a vote. Maybe someday I can be as organized as you are. I am so jealous (but happy for you) of the beautiful space!

How did you make the clip it up? I love that.

Oh the web site for my entry is

Thanks again and thanks for sharing your great room!

BoxerBrats said...

I just noticed your Cricut cover! Did you find the material at Walmart? I can't remember if I saw it there or JoAnn's! That turned out so cute. I love brown and pink.

I had to come back and see your room pictures again, and show my hubby!

I finally figured out how to post the link to the site where I entered that contest (

Thanks again for sharing your room pictures. They are an inspiration!


click to see my entry

BonnieRose said...

congrats on the racks.. great prices! good for you!