Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Praise God!

Hello everyone in blog land! I hope this finds everyones tuesday going great.... mine is a TIRED one!! Didn't get much sleep last night and so can I ever feel it today! :)
Anyways, I thought I would change things up alittle and talk about something besides scrapbooking today! I wanna talk about great Jesus really is. Alot of times I think we all still believe he just a story, a fairytale... but he is so much more!He is my everything, my deliverer, my provider, my shelter, my friend that sticks closer than any brother and the list could go on and go! Sometimes we just take him for granite so many times when he is standing there just waiting for us. We look to the world, we look to other people and other things, when all we really need is Him! There is a song that I just love and the words go like this...
"He is everything to me, more than a story, more than words on a page of history. He's the air that I breath, and the water I thirst for.. he the ground beneath my feet.. He's EVERYTHING TO ME!" WOW How true... If we can just remember that he is EVERYTHING.... then we would be able to get through this life alittle more easier! Whatever you need, he is that! I love Him so much and I would NEVER imagine living my life without Him... he is my help and strength and encourager everyday!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week in the Lord!!!!!
Remember, whatever you need.., God is! :)


Yarnmomma said...

Amen.. Beautiful said!!

Chelsey said...

Wow - I was listening to that same song on my my to class tonight. It came on the radio and I stopped everything, turned it up and sang my heart out! Funny that you mention the same song today. Not only is He everything - but without Him we are nothing!