Saturday, October 23, 2010

Couponing 101 Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Where to find coupons

1. Sunday Paper: There are several places to find coupons, but your best place is your Sunday paper. Don't just stick with your town, go for the towns next to you also if they are available! (example: If you live in Springfield, MO.... buy the Kansas City & St. Louis paper also) Considering buying more than one to have multiple coupons of each item (for when you run along a great deal)

2. Online: You can find printable coupons online. Here are a few websites with great coupons (my fav)

Also check different manufacture websites (kraft, tide, charmin etc)

3. Grocery Store: Here are a few places to look for coupons when you shop
Store plus cards (Dillions, kroger & other kroger branches... you can go to their website and download coupons right onto your plus cards and when they scan your card it will redeem itself)

Store Ads (many stores will have coupons in their weekly ads)

Blinkies (sometimes along the isle in machines that blink)

4. Magazines: "All You" magazine is one of my favs for coupons!

5. Blogs and forums: There are many places online where people post and share coupons

Keep following along as I share more lessons!!! Happy couponing

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