Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Couponing Lesson 2 (Organizing)

I hope you enjoyed the first lesson on where to find coupons (there was alot that could've been added, but I will fill you in on that later on, don't want to overwhelm you in the beginning) Today we will be talking about Organizing you coupons. This is a VERY important part of couponing!!! There are so many that clip coupons, then just put them away and they do not get the full benefit because they expire before you find them to use them.

There are sooooooo many way that you can store them. I am not going to talk about all of them, just going to talk about how I store mine. I have tried a few different ways and BY FAR this is my fav! My coupons do not expire before I use them, and I am able to see all of them without dropping them all over the floor!
(Here are a few pictures of my coupon binder and yes I take it right in the store right along with me.... I will explain my setup!... For my pictures and ideas for your own coupon binder.. Go to google and search "coupon binder" also type it in on youtube and you will see LOTS of examples!!! )
Here is the front, in the zipper I have scissors, pens, highlighter, mini post it notes and calculator)

Once I open it has a file type fold out on the left. That is where I store coupons not yet clipped, my printed shopping lists (for when I need to make one out) and resturant coupons!

Next I have My coupons Divided into categories. (This is totally left up to you... some divid alphbetically, expirations dates .. etc. There is no wrong way!... this is what works best for me)
My catogeries include..... Beverages, Dairy/Fridge, Frozen food, Snacks, Misc. Grocery, Cleaning/laundry, Health & Beauty, Medicane/First Aid, Paper Products, Non Grocery.

Behind each category tab you will find baseball card holders... that is what my coupons are stored it.. WORKS GREAT! I am able to see each and every one and see when they expire. Therefore when I walk up and down the isles in the grocery store I can just turn my pages and see if I have coupons for the items that are on sale!

Behind all the coupons .. I have more tabs for the stores I shop at. I bought the dividers that have folders on the front of them so I can store their weekly ads on the front. Then behind each tab I have the stores coupon policy printed out(this is very important.. ALOT of cashiers honestly do not know their stores policy and this will cut down on the time at the checkout) ... also behind each tab I have more baseball card holders to put my store coupons (each store has their own that can only be used there) and also I put that stores rainchecks in there too (very important to get rainchecks when an item is out of stock)

I know i have enclosed alot of information, but if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment area here or look me up on Facebook!!! Thanks for looking!
Next Lesson..... How to shop with coupons!!!!
If you missed lesson 1 you can check it out here...

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