Friday, October 29, 2010

Couponing Sites

I will try not to overload you but wanted to share some really good Websites to help in your couponing journey!

AWESOME Coupon Forum/blogs

There are ALOT ALOT of couponing blogs out there!!!!

(one of my fav places to visit)

Printable coupons (my FAV please to print)

Electronic Coupons (ones you would add to your dillons card)

(if you do not have a dillons in your area, this also works for kroger stores, except go to instead of dillons)

Coupon Purchasing Sites

(we haven't covered this yet, I guess now it a good time :) )

Coupon Purchasing.......... You find a really good deal on 1 box of Mac & cheese, but you only have 1 coupon from the paper, or maybe you are one of those that buy 3 newspapers, so you have 3 coupons, or maybe your friends save for you also so you have 5 coupons... BUT it's a REALLY good sale, you might even end up getting it free (example: It's on sale for 50 cents, and your coupon is 50 cents off, so you get it free) but you are wanting to stock up and really wishing you have more coupons to do so. Well this where the coupon purchasing sites come in. I have placed a few orders myself and on wednesdays when I sit down with the sale ads and my coupons I also check these sites to see what they have.(they are always adding new ones) I have purchased 50 coupons for $2.... getting all those 50 items free, is WELL worth that $2.

ok so you are saying.. Ha Ha What a joke, I would NEVER pay for coupons! Well I don't normally either... unless I find something I can get for free or close to it, then you better believe i use it!!!!!!!!!!! (Feel free to ask me more about this, it can be confusing at first) It takes me 3-4 days to recieve coupons (if you sit down the first say of ad, you get your coupons in plenty of time to use on that weeks sale)

Make sure to check out my other couponing lessons if you haven't had a chance!!!!

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