Friday, October 22, 2010

SAVING $$$$$$$$$$$

Last Monday Night I attended a coupon class and WOW,... what alot of information that I had no clue about! Just a few things that were covered....

  • Types of Coupons (yes there is more than one kind, therefore you can "stack" them)
  • Where to find coupons (don't just stick to your local Sunday paper, also get the next large city if it's available in your area... you can also print ALOT of free ones online)
  • Loyalty Cards (cards you can get in stores to help add up points, save $ , you can even load coupons onto your dillions (kroger) cards from their website)
  • (My Fav thing) Matching Coupons with Sale Ad's (therefore making some items free and even just a few pennies)
  • Understanding your coupons
  • Maximizing your savings (Knowing your store's prices, knowing their policys, combine store coupons with manufacturer's coupons, store promotions, etc)
  • Organizing (This is VERY important... I have put together a coupon binder (there are all kinds just search for them in google or look on youtube... I will be posting pics/video of mine soon)
  • Using the internet to find deals
  • and much much much more!!!!!!

WELL worth the class... and if you would like anymore information on the classes (she does several kinds, hopefully I will get to attend them all) You can go to her website! LOTS of great information!!!!!

I plan on using this blog still for my love of crafts but I am also going to include lots of great deals, things I learn along this couponing journey and much more!!! So Keep checking back and lets see what we can all learn together! if you have anyting you would like me to post please let me know I will be sure to include it!!! You can also email me at


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