Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Couponing Tips

I am soooo enjoying this coupon journey... and the money that I have been saving!!!! and I am so happy for all of you that have jumped on board and I LOVE seeing the savings you are getting!!!! Just thought I would share a few more things!!!

  1. Buy 1 get 1 free sales (BOGO) Most grocery stores those items will ring up 1/2 price, so therefore you do not always have to get the 2nd one... Example: The sale is.... buy 1 roll of paper towels and get 1 free.. Each Roll is $2 .... so if you just buy 1, it will ring up for $1 .. and then if you have a $1 coupon off that brand... you would get it free!!! :) not ALL stores do that.. but most grocery stores do!

  2. Don't forget Rainchecks! If there is a sale on an item and it is out of stock... Go to the customer service desk and get a raincheck... alot of rainchecks are good for either 30 or 60 days! Then you can go back and get it when it is back in stock (sometime that works better because there are alot of couponers out there and items go fast!!!!!)

  3. Don't forget your Sunday paper!! I have covered alot about where to get coupons, but by far I think the best place is still the Sunday papers!!!! I normally buy 3-6 papers depending on what coupons. There are alot of "blogs" that will show you the previews of the sunday coupons before sunday!!! (that helps alot) There are some weeks extra inserts are in there!!!! (if you have any questions on this let me know)

  4. Organize after you clip coupons! If it very easy to get/have coupons ALL OVER THE PLACE. That is why it is important not to let them pile up or you will regret it... Been there done that!! :)

  5. There are ALOT more sales in the store then just what is in their ad! I covered this already, but this is something ALOT of people miss. Even when you have mapped out what you are going to buy from the ad and have those coupons ready for when you go in the store.. make sure you take your "coupon binder" with you.. because there will be ALOT more sales you will want to take advantage of! Don't go to the grocery store in a HUGE rush!!! You could miss out on a GREAT deal!

  6. Don't throw away coupons! If there are coupons that you just know you don't want or won't use.. DOn't throw them away (unless of course they are no longer good) There are ALOT of couponers out there looking for great deals... YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!!!... Share your coupons! There are lots of coupon trading sites, you can share at your work, church, friends, etc. If you think about it , it's like throwing away money that someone else could use!

  7. This is my routine: I buy my papers Sunday (our sundays are so busy I normally don't get to look at them until late sunday night or Monday morning) MOnday morning I get all my papers, 2 containers and trash can and sit at the kitchen table. One container is for the coupons I want to keep, and another is for the ones i do not want... I clip ALL of my coupons (some people do not do it this way, but this works best for me) My husband normally joins in on the fun, while my daycare kids walk around saying.... "Do not touch the coupons, do not touch the coupons...LOL We sit down and clip ALL the coupons.. put them in their right containers... and the ones that is finished and organize in my binder.. I go through and get out any that are expired. Then I start putting in my new ones! Then on Wednesdays I get all my grocery stores ads, and all my ads from the sunday paper and see what deals I can get along with my coupons! So I normally spend 2 days a week doing this! (not counting shopping for my deals)

  8. DON'T WASTE YOUR GAS!!!! Just because there is a good deal, don't drive WAY across town or to another town if you are not already going that way.... Normally you will not be saving anything due to the gas you are spending.. so be mindful of that!!!

  9. Be Mindful at the checkout lane! Cashiers like to deal with nice, calm customers... Don't get into a big fight over your coupons they will not take (that is one reason it is very important to have every stores coupon policy in your binder. ALOT of cashiers do not fully know their stores coupon policy and this will save time if you can show them. I always stack all my coupons I am going to use and hand it to the cashier at the end. If you have a HUGE line behind you, and you have alot of coupons you are using.. you might just want to kindly let the person behind you know that you might be alittle slow with your order.

  10. Don't just buy an item because it's on sale and you have a coupon! What I mean by this is. Alot of times we get a coupon 1 week and the next week we see it on sale and we go nuts!!!!! BUT ... just because it's on sale doesn't mean it's the "lowest" price that it will ever go on sale.. that is why it is imporant to watch every week and keep a list in your binder and keep track what it the lowest you see an item on sale etc. Example: Charmin Toilet paper may be on sale this week for $5, and you have a coupon for $2 off... That will make it $3 ... yes that may be a good price for Charmin.. BUT lets say that sometimes it;s on sale for $3, and your coupon is $2 off.... $1 for Charmin is ALOT better than $3 So watch your prices!!!!!!!

  11. Stack your coupons! You can use 2 coupons on 1 item.. this is called stacking and helps you save ALOT more $$$$ ... At most stores you can use 1 Manufacture coupon and 1 store coupon.

  12. Don't forget to load your card with coupons!! Before heading to Dillions/Kroger/Gerbes Don't forget to go to their website and check their coupons out and load what you might use to your shoppers plus card!(you can stack those with your manufac coupons!!

  13. WALMART WILL MATCH ALL ADS BUT they will not double coupons! Thats another good reason to know your stores prices so you will know if it is cheaper not doubling your coupon at walmart... or doubling your coupon at another store!

Those are my tips for the day!!! God Bless!

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