Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Hubby!!!

Today is a very special day.. for a very special man in my life!
I love my husband very much... He is very supportive, loving, caring, (this list could go on and on).... Lets just say.. I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!!! :)
Just thought I would share a few pictures of my honey...
Thankful I get to spend this day with him!!!!
(my husband and I)

(my husband on the right)

Have you seen this face??? haha

Yes, He is a nut!!! :)

(but yet he brings so much joy and happiness into my life!!!)


I love you honey! Happy 35th Birthday!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Busy busy organizing!!

Yes I am STILL working in my sewing studio! I am getting so organized...but if someone would come in and look they would think it is worse!!!! But not me!!!!!!  Now all my trims are in one space, etc, etc..... I have separated my scrapbook stuff from my sewing stuff, so nothing gets in the way! My space is small, but that is by my choice! I could take the extra bedroom (since I just store stuff in there) , but I do not want to give up the natural lighting from all the windows.....makes me love being in there more! So I am stuffing everything I can .. Gong up, and have drawers all under my tables.... 

I emptied all my white cubes to make room for all my fabric that I am folding onto "mini" bolts..... Give me another week and I hope to have it all organized real good!! 

I told you it looks

But I have my yarn at least added to the are getting somewhere!

Monday, May 6, 2013

What am I up to today????

So Since I am still staying in to make sure I have recovered from this strep throat... I decided to get out of the recliner and do a few things and make the most of this time at home! So what am I doing??? Well let me show you!!!!!
ok So I am making a mess of my studio.. but for a good cause!! First I am getting ready for a huge family yard sale, and yes I am getting rid of the crafty things that I just do not use! So I am taking everything off the shelves, washing them down and making it look alittle better and cleaner!
So my husband was in town today working and I asked him to stop by the local comic book store (yes I said comic book store, NO we are not into comic
but he picked up these Comic Book Boards... He picked me up 200, hopefully I will not have to get anymore! What am I doing with these you ask??? .. I am using them to turn all my fabric into mini bolts. It will look soooo much nicer and I will be able to see everything I have and it will look "in order"
I am taking all this...... (there is so much more not pictured.. I have fabric everywhere it seems like) and NO it will not all fit in my studio... this is all my overflow stuff put into my spare bedroom.. haha!

and turning it all into these "mini" bolts! I just started, so not very much is done yet!!!

So YES... the "learning to knit" has been put on hold till later today! but I started learning.. YAY!!!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Learning to Knit!!!!

I know... I am crazy! I am trying to learn way to many things at once.. but hey, that is fun isn't it????? or should I say dumb! haha!
I am trying to learn to knit... I have all the stuff I need to do it, so might as well learn!
So since I have had SO much downtime this week due to being sick... I figured I would check out some "how to" videos. I have not started trying it YET.. but hopefully I will feel up to giving it a try sometime this week!!!!!
Sooooooo.. I went to this website and have been watching their videos... they are great might I add! :)

Pretty Quilt

Thought this was a very pretty quilt, so had to share. NO I did not make this... I found it online somewhere (sorry I can not remember where, so I could give the rightful owner honor) .. This is the front and back! Love the colors!


Storing Embroidery floss
So I found this ideal online.. I tried several different ways to store all of the floss and I did not like any way. but I LOVE this way. I can see all the colors and they are dust free in these nice drawers. I went to walmart and bought these in the tool section, they are normally used to store nuts and bolts and that sort of thing! Was less that $10 a piece. So far I have 3 and need to get 3 more to store all I have!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

One of those weeks.....

I am not one to be down for very long....well this week has proven to be different. I have been fighting strep throat for a week now...will be soooooo glad when it is GONE!!! Then life can get back to normal, but hey..what's normal :) 

I still have not started on my first quilt yet. I seems like everything else keeps coming before that! Hmmmmmmm wonder why? Lol... But HOPEFULLY next week I can at least pick my fabric out and MAYBE start cutting out..we shall see. I will post my progress along the way!