Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Busy busy organizing!!

Yes I am STILL working in my sewing studio! I am getting so organized...but if someone would come in and look they would think it is worse!!!! But not me!!!!!!  Now all my trims are in one space, etc, etc..... I have separated my scrapbook stuff from my sewing stuff, so nothing gets in the way! My space is small, but that is by my choice! I could take the extra bedroom (since I just store stuff in there) , but I do not want to give up the natural lighting from all the windows.....makes me love being in there more! So I am stuffing everything I can .. Gong up, and have drawers all under my tables.... 

I emptied all my white cubes to make room for all my fabric that I am folding onto "mini" bolts..... Give me another week and I hope to have it all organized real good!! 

I told you it looks worse...lol

But I have my yarn at least added to the shelves..lol....we are getting somewhere!


Lori Fitzpatrick said...

You are sew awesome.......hehehehe!!!!

Karin said...

wow now can I have you come over and help me organize my new room.