Monday, May 6, 2013

What am I up to today????

So Since I am still staying in to make sure I have recovered from this strep throat... I decided to get out of the recliner and do a few things and make the most of this time at home! So what am I doing??? Well let me show you!!!!!
ok So I am making a mess of my studio.. but for a good cause!! First I am getting ready for a huge family yard sale, and yes I am getting rid of the crafty things that I just do not use! So I am taking everything off the shelves, washing them down and making it look alittle better and cleaner!
So my husband was in town today working and I asked him to stop by the local comic book store (yes I said comic book store, NO we are not into comic
but he picked up these Comic Book Boards... He picked me up 200, hopefully I will not have to get anymore! What am I doing with these you ask??? .. I am using them to turn all my fabric into mini bolts. It will look soooo much nicer and I will be able to see everything I have and it will look "in order"
I am taking all this...... (there is so much more not pictured.. I have fabric everywhere it seems like) and NO it will not all fit in my studio... this is all my overflow stuff put into my spare bedroom.. haha!

and turning it all into these "mini" bolts! I just started, so not very much is done yet!!!

So YES... the "learning to knit" has been put on hold till later today! but I started learning.. YAY!!!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!!!!

2 comments: said...

Was wondering if any of those really old mags were quilters newsletter magazine? Iam looking for the first and second years.1969 1970, 1970.Thanks Linda

It's Just Me! said...

No I'm sorry... They only go back as far as the 80's it seems!